State of the Art of STEM Technologies with Applications in the Classroom EN | ES | ET | LT

What kind of technological solutions are there out there nowadays that would be suitable for implementation in the classroom? This document gives a broad overview of the opportunities available so you can choose the right one for you. For each technology, diverse aspects have been analysed: Working principle, historical background, practical applications, educational connection and practical examples. You will get an overview of technologies like programming, robotics, remote virtual labs, educational video games, 3D printing, optic and photonics and nanotechnology. This document will be followed by the next one where you can find more concrete examples how to implement those technologies in the classroom.

STEAM Readiness Level Framework EN | ES | ET | LT

Where is my school located in the context of STEAM implementation? To start with STEAM implementation it is essential to first analyse your school’s current situation and needs in relation so STEAM implementation. STEAM Readiness Level Framework offers a base for this kind of analysis. All together five criterias and five levels what to consider. This is not a tool for assessment but rather a helpful way to map your current state and based on that plan the best strategy for a systematic STEAM implementation process

STEAM Readiness Self-Check Tool (printable version) EN | ES | ET | LT

This is transformed version of STEAM Readiness Level Framework for easier and more convenient mapping of your school.

STEAM Implementation Guidelines EN | ES | ET | LT

How to identify problems that need to be solved in school and plan next steps based on that? STEAM education should not be seen as an end in itself or as a Holy Grail that will solve all educational problems inside your institution. Before starting it is essential to phrase a problem with your team which you will be solving. For this it is good to go through whole process.

STEAM Implementation Plan Template EN | ES | ET | LT

This is practical tool which you can use for guided planning process.

School-Business-NGOs Cooperation Guidelines EN | ES | ET | LT

How to find and keep good cooperation partners in STEAM projects? Schools are not alone when implementing STEAM. There are several organizations and communities who are ready to contribute to the education of our children, This creates the much valued opportunity for real life learning. No matter where your school stands on cooperation with businesses and NGOs right now, we are convinced there is more to explore and gain. We invite you to use these guidelines to assist you in this undertaking in whatever way you find helpful.

Guidelines for Adopting Technologies in School EN | ES | ET | LT

How to implement different technologies in your classroom? STEAM offers a unique opportunity to include pupils in to the creation of scientific knowledge. In this guide, thus, a set of applicable technologies to this learning context is presented. Previous considerations for their application are analysed for each one, directions of how to use them in the classroom and good practices examples are also given as an inspiration for implementation.

Guidelines for Integrating Different Subjects EN | ES | ET | LT

How and why to integrate different subjects? This document gives you an overview of possible steps to take when you are starting the integration of subjects on two levels: on school level and on classroom level. You can find different tools and guiding questions to help you to go through the integration process.

Implementation Reflection Template (printable version) (computer version)

How to give meaning to the whole process, map learning curves, success stories and plan next steps based on that? Reflection questionnaire will create a great opportunity to look back on the implementation process.

Lesson Plan Template EN | LT

Practical tool to plan each lesson after the broader plan of STEAM initiative is made. This tool helps to structure the teaching strategy and to answer main questions that need to be answered before entering the classroom.

STEAM Manifestation Models Across Europe EN

Systematic Approach for Implementation of STEAM Education in Schools EN | LT