Set out on a systematic STEAM journey!

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting with STEAM or are championing it already: new goals can always be set. It works best when your whole school is on this journey together – that is where systematic change and impact lies. If that’s not yet possible, engage a team; and, if that cannot yet be done, feel free to improve your individual practice. Begin wherever you are and whatever you have.

For holistic approach, use the STEAM Implementation Guidelines and Plan template for managing your next steps EN | ES | ET | LT

Along the way – you can use these materials independently:

Assess school’s current situation with STEAM Readiness Level Self-Check Tool EN | ES | ET | LT

Reflect your experience with help of the Implementation Reflection Template (printable version) (computer version)

To assist you with some of the concrete tasks please explore:

Guidelines for Integrating Different Subjects EN | ES | ET | LT

Guidelines for Adopting Emerging Technologies in School EN | ES | ET | LT

School-Business-NGOs Cooperation Guidelines EN | ES | ET | LT

Collect some inspiration!

Gather background information about the State of the Art of Technologies with Applications in the Classroom EN | ES | ET | LT

Check out case studies / examples of practices